First WaveSports agency Partners with Soccer Resilience®

The combination of a new sports mindset agency like Soccer Resilience® and a storied top management firm like First Wave Sports meshes well to further lift pro players. Professional soccer players are people first and athletes second. With an increasing focus on mental strength with tailored mindset training and coaching, the goal is improving mental health, perseverance and performance, on and off the field. 

We’re thrilled to assist First Wave Sports and their pro players. Full credit to Stefani and his management team for the bold and helping hand for their athletes. It truly speaks to their character and commitment in holistically caring for their players. As a former 9-year Pro and MLS Cup Champion, I needed more self-awareness, mental strength, and strategies to best channel mindset and holistic wellbeing. Along with my partners Dr. Brad Miller, Matt Spear, and Jessica McDonald, we’re determined to guide and mentor players from aspiring youth all the way to elite pros like those with First Wave Sports.
— Wells Thompson (Founder of Soccer Resilience® + Former 9-yr Pro)
We know from experience how demanding the modern game can be. The mental and psychological side is vital to our clients being able to reach their maximum potential on the field, and maintaining the proper mental health in their personal lives. We searched all across the US for the right support system for our clients, and in the Soccer Resilience® team (Wells, Matt, Jessica and Brad) we have found the perfect fit. They share in our core values and also understand the unique demands of professional soccer. With Soccer Resilience®, we know our clients will be better equipped to welcome and face the challenges that their professional careers and life will present them. We are very pleased to start this partnership with Soccer Resilience® and be able to better serve our clients as a result.
— Stefani Miglioranzi (President of First Wave Sports + Former 12-yr Pro)

First Wave Sports is one of the top international soccer agencies / football agencies, providing comprehensive services in player and management representation, marketing, consulting, and sporting event management. They’ve been at the forefront of international sports marketing for almost 30 years, during which time a reputation for honesty, reliability, integrity and excellence has been garnered and steadfastly maintained. 


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