Resilience, Resetting, and Retraining our Brains

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Our Founder Dr. Brad Miller joins Philip Darke for Episode 19 of the ‘How Soccer Explains Leadership Podcast.’ Dr. Brad talks with Phil about the four pillars of Soccer Resilience®, how we can address anxiety and depression in sports, resetting and retraining our brains, fixed vs. growth mindsets, and whether we actually do play like we practice.

Specifically, Brad discusses:

  • His story and how he developed his passion for soccer, sports psychology, and leadership (2:11)

  • The four pillars of soccer resilience (8:59)

  • Anxiety and depression in sports and beyond (17:08)

  • Why it’s important to know that “it’s not a you issue, it’s a brain issue,” and what that means (22:14)

  • Resetting and retraining our brain, and what that looks like in practice (26:13)

  • The concept of “what you celebrate, you practice,” and how it relates to the mindfulness conversation (38:03)

  • Fixed vs. Growth mindset and what it has to do with soccer (46:02)

  • Is it really true that you play like you practice? (58:01)

  • Can we recreate the stress and pressure of a penalty kick in training? (1:01:26)

  • How Brad has used the principles from soccer in his marriage, parenting, and other areas of life (1:05:03)

  • Brad’s book recommendations (1:09:11)


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