Soccer Resilience® Named Sports Mindset Advisor for Carolina FC


We’re thrilled to announce our newest Club partner, Carolina FC! We’re teaming up with Carolina FC to train players, parents and coaches around the importance and activation of a strong mental game. Applying a growth mindset heightens purpose, perseverance, and performance.

The initial stage of the partnership kicks off this spring with an introductory video, a mindset information tool for parents, and three interactive Zoom presentations by Jessica McDonald, Walker Zimmerman and Matt Spear; Three incredibly accomplished players, mentors, and human beings with a heart to give back and positively influence people and the game that gave them so much!

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“I have known and respected Rafe Mauran for 20 years, dating back to coaching a championship team together at Davidson College. We are thrilled to join Carolina FC and grateful they are investing in their players and coaches as people first, athletes and staff second. Mentality is crucial for every level, and in life. We all face doubts, setbacks and adversity. A difference maker is one’s grit, poise, intentionality and emotional regulation. Soccer Resilience® provides the tools, strategies and inspiration to raise self-confidence and increase perseverance to strive, succeed and be happy doing it.”

Matt Spear, Soccer Resilience® Founder

It’s our MISSION here at Soccer Resilience® to train the most underutilized competitive edge in sports, the mind, transforming the mindset and elevate the wellbeing of athletes, coaches and others in the game. We inspire people and advise coaches and clubs on how to increase their players’ self-awareness, drive confidence, conquer setbacks and enhance performance. Our growing management team includes a World Cup Champion, a MLS Cup Champion, a former 18 year NCAA Division I Head Coach, a Clinical Psychologist and more. How is your mental game? How important is your mind for you to play/coach/live your best? Are you training your mental skills? We’re ready to guide, train, and elevate you. Let’s get better, together. Contact us here. Train your brain. Transform your game!


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