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We are absolutely ecstatic to announce that we have aligned with SOCCER.COM and Sports Endeavors as an official partner and advisor for mental performance, awareness, and training!

You will see Soccer Resilience® content in SOCCER.COM‘s blogs, newsletters, and social media; with future programming to be added across platforms.

“As a North Carolina native where SOCCER.COM is headquartered and knowing the founders of Sports Endeavors and their incredible history for over 30 years, it’s a thrill to work together. Kudos to SOCCER.COM – and I have always loved their “fabled soccer traders” moniker – for striving to provide more for the sport. We are stoked to share our mission, skills and content with their global audience of players, coaches, parents, clubs, fans and more.”

Matt Spear, Soccer Resilience® Founder

SOCCER.COM has a spirit of helping our fellow soccer players and fans get more from the game. We see that same spirit with our friends at Soccer Resilience® and their focus on the mental side of sports and its importance for performance and wellbeing. We are excited to help share this important message and content from Soccer Resilience® with the soccer community.”

Jimmy McIntyre, SOCCER.COM VP of Marketing


Our mission and skill at Soccer Resilience® is to train the most underutilized competitive edge in soccer, the MIND, transforming the mindset, performance and wellbeing of athletes, coaches and parents. We help the “software” (mental) bring the best out of the “hardware” (technical, tactical, physical). We are mindset coaches, mental game advisors and content providers for tools and strategies for all levels, youth to pro. Train your brain. Transform your game.

Since its inception in 1984, SOCCER.COM has been supporting the soccer community by providing players, coaches and fans with the gear, service and rewards needed to succeed on and off the field. From unmatched selection in uniforms, training apparel, fan wear and more, to expert customization and customer service, SOCCER.COM is proud to team up with over 1300+ organizations to help grow the game we love.


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