When They Doubt You, Let Them!

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This week, I chose to write about something that I’m super passionate about. It’s something that you should be passionate about as well. It’s a key component to performance, on and off the field. It’s something that you can grow and build regardless of the season you’re in or team you’re on.


It’s having an unwavering belief in yourself, regardless of how hard things get, how bad you fall or ‘mess up,’ or what anybody else says about you!

You MUST believe in yourself!

This is absolutely another one of those ‘easier said than done’ kind of things! Last week I wrote about the things that a new season can bring. I talked about controlling what you CAN control. And focusing on that!

 You can control how much work and time you put into achieving whatever it is you want to achieve! And as you devote more and more time into something, you tend to gain confidence in that area. For instance, the more time you put into working on your first touch, the better and sharper your first touch gets. Ultimately resulting in more confidence in yourself (heck yeah, we all want more of that, right?!)

This is your ‘internal’ control (and I think it’s the easier of the two because I love to train:). The next part is a little harder – the external ‘noise’ around you. Some of this ‘noise’ can be people telling you how great you are. And some of the ‘noise’ can be people laughing at you for wanting to get better, saying hurtful and negative things about your game, or even completely writing you off as a player (you better believe all those things have happened to me). 

Too much ‘noise’ on either side can be detrimental to the belief you have in yourself.

The great thing about this though is that you have some control over what and who you expose yourself to. When it comes to pursuing goals, what often matters more than discipline and willpower is the environment and people we surround ourselves with on a regular basis. Let’s be real, people are always going to talk and say things (especially in this social media day and age), but it’s up to us as individuals to keep that talk on the outside.  

Here’s a personal example:

I remember when I was in high school and our coach asked us, “who here thinks they’ll be a professional soccer player?”

No one raised their hand except for, yep, ME. As my own teammates discovered that I was the only one raising their hand, they began to whisper to each other and even laugh. 

That’s right. They laughed at me! They laughed at my goal, my dream! (Side note: being different is a great thing. As humans we are wired to find our ‘tribe’ and fit in, but don’t we all just want to stand out?!?!)

They didn’t think I could do it. And they were certainly entitled to their own opinion.

This was a pivotal time in my journey. I had a choice. To believe what others believed about me, or to believe in myself and the gifts and passions that God had blessed me with.

So, did I let their opinions and lack of faith in me discourage me from going after my dream?

 Absolutely Not! (Which I’m sure you guessed since I’m currently living out my dreams as a professional soccer player for Charlotte FC)

I believed in myself! And I continued to put the work in! I knew that’s all I needed to go after something that I wanted more than anything. When others doubt you, you have a choice. To get bitter or get better! Don’t let the doubters get to you. Keep them on the outside and out of your dream. Drown their ‘noise’ out with your own self-belief and others that support and encourage you.

Believing in yourself is the number one most important thing you can do when you want to achieve something. Others won’t always believe in you, and that’s okay! It’s not their job to believe in you, it’s yours.

Next time you deal with doubters, I challenge you to rise above their ‘noise.’ Use it to fuel you. Use it to pull you toward your dreams! When someone makes fun of you, let them! Expect it so that you’ll be more prepared for it when it comes.

When they criticize and dump doubt on you, view it as a positive sign that you have a dream so big others can’t understand it.

Believe in the process. Believe in your work. Believe in yourself! And believe in the dreams God’s put in your heart! I promise you this, it won’t be easy, but as I’m a living testament, all the work, pain, sacrifice and dedication are worth it!

You got this! And for what it’s worth, I BELIEVE IN YOU! 

Optimize your mind for your Grind!

Brandt Bronico
#13 Charlotte FC


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