MLS Cup Champion Andy Gruenebaum Joins Soccer Resilience® Team

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We’re thrilled to add extremely successful (on + off the pitch) Andy Gruenebaum as an ambassador, content provider and club partner.

Andy was a high school NSCAA All-American goalkeeper and state title winner in his native Kansas City. After a stellar college career at the University of Kentucky, Andy played in Major League Soccer (MLS) for nine seasons including over 90 appearances, MLS Cup Champion in 2008 with the Columbus Crew, plus the Crew’s MVP in 2012. Andy’s mission is to give back to his Kansas City community and beyond – including establishing AG30 – an academy for ambitious goalkeepers.

Andy joins a growing team of Soccer Resilience® ambassadors that includes current MLS players Walker Zimmerman and Brandt Bronico. Our ambassadors believe in, practice and share our focus on strengthening one’s mental game – and we are growing together such as monthly internal “Team Talks”. Andy joins other ambassadors as a resource provider to serve our expanding community of players, coaches, teams, clubs and organizations benefiting from our mental training sessions, Soccer Resilience® FC online academy and more. Andy’s AG30 academy staff and players will also benefit from harnessing the curriculum and inspiration of Soccer Resilience®.

“Throughout my career, whether it was as a youth soccer player, collegiate or professional, I doubted myself and built narratives that I didn’t belong. As athletes, we train so hard on the pitch and in the gym, but tend to neglect the most important aspect that drives all of that hard work… the psychological piece. I’m excited to partner with Soccer Resilience® in order to help kids build a different muscle that’s often neglected, and arm them with positivity and confidence to perform at their best!”

Andy Gruenebaum

“I love this unique partnership due to Andy’s character, incredible career, passion for teaching, expertise in the goalkeeping space, and impact on young goalies – and those around them. Every great team has an awesome leader in the back that’s mentally resilient. It’s such an essential, challenging position on the field. Keepers thrive best with the right mindset that’s present, purposeful, gritty and craves big moments.”

Wells Thompson (Soccer Resilience® Founder, former MLS veteran)

AG30: Goalkeepers are a breed apart, but they are often ignored until the decisions they make mean the difference in a match to be their best at that crucial moment, goalkeepers require specific training. At AG30, we develop your players to be ready for that moment and all the others in between. Join the Union today and experience the AG 30 difference. Our staff has played at every level in the United States. We pride ourselves on staying abreast of the modern game.

Soccer Resilience®: Our mission and skill is to train the most underutilized competitive edge in soccer, the MIND, transforming the mindset, performance and wellbeing of athletes, coaches and parents. We help the “software” (mental) bring the best out of the “hardware” (technical, tactical, physical). Our founders include a World Cup Champion, a MLS Cup Champion, a 20-year Psychologist and former NCAA Division I Coach/Pro Team President. We are mindset coaches, mental game advisors and content providers for tools and strategies for all levels, youth to pro. Train your brain. Transform your game…and life.


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