Meditation Expert Sam Lofton Joins Soccer Resilience® Team

Former professional soccer player and current meditation coach, Sam Lofton, becomes our newest ambassador. Sam gives current athletes the gift of mental toughness and mental control through the power of meditation.

The Pennsylvania native and James Madison University soccer graduate obtained her Bachelor’s degree from the Honors college at JMU in Health Science, with a Biology minor, and a Pre-Medicine concentration. Sam played professionally in the NWSL (drafted by Boston Breakers, then Portland Thorns), Sweden and Iceland. She’s now a certified Functional Medicine Health Coach and a certified Mindfulness and Meditation Teacher.


“Thank you so much to the Soccer Resilience® team for including me! After stepping away from playing year round, helping other athletes learn the benefits of meditation and mindfulness has become my next dream. It’s definitely a challenge to do so on my own, so it’s an absolute honor to be joining a group of like-minded current and former athletes who have so much knowledge and experience!”

– Sam Lofton

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“I’m so excited that Sam Lofton is joining our team! I have personally benefited greatly from Sam’s guided meditations. It’s become a part of my daily game routine to listen to her voice and visualize my success on the field. I love that the Soccer Resilience® founders are always bringing in more Ambassadors. They understand that every player and person is so unique and comes with their own backgrounds and soccer/mindfulness expertise.”

Vicky Bruce, Soccer Resilience® Ambassador + German Bundesliga Player

“Meditation’s such a powerful form of mindfulness – and fits greatly in our “Take Control” pillar. Personally, meditation has become a vital ingredient for my mental health, daily flow and joy. I’m thrilled for Sam to join our squad, to contribute to our growth, and to expand our awareness, mission and impact.”

Matt Spear, Soccer Resilience® Founder

Meditation By Sam:
My overall goal is to teach athletes a tool that is rooted in self acceptance. Meditation and mindfulness practices help athletes to translate their stress, anxiety, fears, judgements, limiting beliefs, lack of focus, emotional hardships (etc) into a more friendly internal environment, allowing for growth despite external adversities. There is a yin and yang to all areas of life, and I personally have found meditation to be the perfect pairing to the demanding, and sometimes, unforgiving nature of sports. Nurture the internal, dominate the external.

Soccer Resilience®: Our mission and skill is to train the most underutilized competitive edge in soccer, the MIND, transforming the mindset, performance and wellbeing of athletes, coaches and parents. We help the “software” (mental) bring the best out of the “hardware” (technical, tactical, physical). Our founders include a World Cup Champion, a MLS Cup Champion, a 20-year Psychologist and former NCAA Division I Coach/Pro Team President. We are mindset coaches, mental game advisors and content providers for tools and strategies for all levels, youth to pro. Train your brain. Transform your game…and life.


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