Change Your Expectations, Change Your Life

You’ve really been ‘getting after it!’

You’ve been getting up early to hit those extra sessions. You’ve been staying after to get some more technical work in. You feel like you’ve been doing everything right. But you haven’t gotten the results you expected.

So, what do you do?

  • Maybe you become discouraged a little bit. That’s natural.

  • Maybe you become less interested. Understandable.

  • Or, maybe, just maybe, you develop a “chip” on your shoulder. And that chip does something deep inside you. Something hard and great!

It’s easy to fall into ‘a trap’ thinking you ‘earned’ or ‘deserved’ something for all your hard work. But come on now, did you really think it was going to be that easy? Is anything worth having ever easy? See my point?

When this happens, you have a choice.

Do you go back to comfortable and easy just because you feel a little more tired and sore? Do you ‘call it a day,’ pack your bags and give up on your dream or goal? You must make this decision for yourself! Remember, you must choose your hard!

But, here’s what I’d tell you… Change your expectations, Change your life!

This doesn’t mean that you must change your goals or dreams, just your expectations of what you thought it should’ve looked or felt like. We all love to daydream and visualize scoring the winning goal, playing for our favorite team, and winning championships, but we often neglect to think about what it takes to achieve those things! The grit, the resilience, the sweat, the tears, the pain, the years and even decades of work. Remember, the hard work pays off, we just don’t know when! I know you’ve have heard this one:

 “If it was easy, everyone would do it!”

How special is something if everyone can do it?

Something to be aware of, your ego (or brain) can play tricks on you, making you think that you deserve something before you do. It becomes a slippery slope when you mix certain expectations with those kinds of thoughts and emotions. It ends up affecting two things you have control over every single day:

  1. Your Attitude

  2. Your Effort

Reeling in your expectations can give you great perspective. It should draw you back to the process. Allow it to refocus you. Utilize it to get up, show up, and always give your best. One day at a time. One minute at a time. One second at a time. Every single day! Regardless of whether you’re seeing the results or not.

Next time you’re feeling unmotivated, discouraged, or disinterested in your goal, ask yourself, “Is it my expectations making me feel this way?” And then remind yourself that “nothing worthwhile comes easy!”

Reframe your mind & keep grinding. You got this!

“Optimize your mind for your Grind”

Brandt Bronico
#13 Charlotte FC


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