Bull City Futsal Academy & Soccer Resilience® Link Up for Impact

(SPANISH) Soccer Resilience® is teaming up with the Bull City Futsal Academy, based in Durham, North Carolina, to further their efforts and impact in their community. Bull City Futsal Academy will not only be provided with complimentary mentoring and mental training sessions for the organization’s players, families, and coaches by Soccer Resilience®, but they’ll also have access to Soccer Resilience®’s library of content in both English and Spanish. Sean McGinty, our bilingual content translator, has been working tirelessly behind the scenes to ensure that Soccer Resilience®’s content is able to encompass and support the beautiful diversity of Bull City Futsal Academy’s organization and community.

“We’re thrilled to partner with Soccer Resilience® to show our families that there’s another way to do things!” were the words of praise that Jose Santibanez, founder of Bull City Futsal Academy, had in regards to the partnership. Jose noted that this is such a great blessing to his wonderful academy because, “Historically, the best and or most valued resources within an organization tend to go to those who can pay the most money and or those who are considered the best in their respective organizations.”

Both organizations are fueled by an intense passion for growing the game of soccer, particularly the most important part of the game, the people. Being of a single mind, the partnership made perfect sense, and Jose said it best, “The work that Soccer Resilience® is doing fits perfectly with our goals to look at the holistic development of ALL of our families!”

Enamored by Jose’s vision and the impact of Bull City Futsal Academy, Wells Thompson, founder of Soccer Resilience® and the Rapids MLS Humanitarian of the Year, had this to say, “We absolutely jive with Jose’s desire to use the beautiful game to give back. We all have influence, and we’re proud of Jose’s team for using their influence as a positive force in society.” This partnership was something that Wells and Soccer Resilience® were eagerly anticipating. This eager anticipation can be seen through the time Soccer Resilience® took to translate their content and make it “culturally relevant for Spanish-speaking Americans across the country.” This will help maximize the impact of Soccer Resilience® and Bull City Futsal Academy in not only Durham, but the US as a whole.

“Jose started Bull City Futsal because he wanted to give kids what he didn’t have growing up – and because he wants to lift kids and families through the beautiful game.” This servant leadership is something Wells and Soccer Resilience® admire and see as the foundation of a fruitful partnership. Wells, a North Carolina resident, says he was “especially inspired because the program’s in the Triangle area of North Carolina where my family and I live. So I look forward to working with the club’s players, families, and coaches in person.”

Soccer Resilience® and Bull City Futsal Academy are joining forces to create a massive impact, and we are looking forward to sharing more with you!

Bull City Futsal Academy: Bull City Futsal Academy’s goal is to foster community-building in economically disadvantaged, under-served, and linguistically isolated populations of Durham, NC, and to make community resources more accessible to the families in these communities by providing athlete-centered, affordable, and accessible youth futsal and soccer programming along with annual community events.

Soccer Resilience®: Our mission and skill is to train the most underutilized competitive edge in soccer, the MIND, transforming the mindset, performance and wellbeing of athletes, coaches and parents. We help the “software” (mental) bring the best out of the “hardware” (technical, tactical, physical). Our founders include a World Cup Champion, a MLS Cup Champion, a 20-year Psychologist and former NCAA Division I Coach/Pro Team President. We are mindset coaches, mental game advisors and content providers for tools and strategies for all levels, youth to pro, including organizations such as NWSL Players Association and SOCCER.COM. Train your brain. Transform your game…and life.


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