Why Wait? Start TODAY!

What’s up, everyone! It has been a couple of weeks since my last blog. I’ve had a lot of meetings, events, workouts, and of course, training sessions. But I hope everyone had a Merry Christmas!

In case you’re just tuning in, my name’s Brandt Bronico. I’m an MLS player for Charlotte FC, and I’m heading into my 6th professional season in Major League Soccer. I truly believe that my mindset is my #1 skill. I’m a huge believer in the critical importance of one’s mental game and the many benefits a positive mind can have.

I write on a weekly basis and hope you’ll tune in!  


Seeing as the new year’s right around the corner, it’s only appropriate to talk about new year’s resolutions.

I don’t know if it’s just me, but I’m not a huge fan of new year’s resolutions. I understand the thought process behind it. You think things like…

  •  “I can just wait to start my new workout regimen on January 1st.” 

  • “I’m going to begin my diet starting in the new year.”

  • And we’ve all heard the “New year, new me!” saying.

The beginning of the new year seems like a good starting point, and it might make it easier to track a schedule. And I get it, as the holidays come and the year ends, you want to take it easy and relax with family before you start your new regimen. Don’t get me wrong, you’re totally allowed to, and you should appreciate and relish your time with your family and friends. BUT, that doesn’t mean you can’t start today! 

I spoke in one of my previous posts about how we need to cherish the present! We need to live where we are, the here and now. It’s all we got! TIME’s something that we can never get back. With that being said, WHY NOT JUST START NOW with your new goals, what you want to change, what you need to quit? You can spend time with your loved ones while also getting started on those goals you have for yourself. It’s not an “either/or” situation, but more of a “both/and.” You absolutely CAN spend time with your loved ones AND work on your goals.

I wrote this blog on December 21st. Let’s say I have a new year’s resolution, but I want to wait until January 1st to start it. If I already know what I want to do, why would I wait to start working towards my next goal? Suppose I start working on that goal today instead of waiting until January 1st. I would give myself an extra 10 DAYS of progress towards that goal. 10 days is A LOT of time to work on a goal! On average, they say it takes about 21 days to build a habit. So, if I start today, I’m almost halfway to building the new habit that will get me closer to what I want to achieve in life!

Why wait?!?! Feel me?

Time’s such a precious resource. Why would you want to waste it? Exactly! You wouldn’t. So don’t!

If you start now, you’ll begin seeing results one day earlier than if you started tomorrow.

So, don’t wait!

Start today!

Begin building, working, and dreaming whatever it is you want to accomplish.

I believe in you. Keep Grinding!

“Optimize your mind so you can grow your grind!”

Brandt Bronico
Charlotte FC #13


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