Soccer Resilience® & Own Touch Charlotte Combine to Holistically Lift Players

We are thrilled to announce that Soccer Resilience® and Own Touch Charlotte have teamed up to enhance player performances and capacities. The Own Touch Charlotte “mentees”, their parents, and coaching staff now have membership to Soccer Resilience® FC – a comprehensive online tool for soccer players, coaches, and parents to help improve performance and build positive mental training habits. The content is resilience training made simple and easy with short videos, sessions, ‘how-to’s’, live Zooms and more. The programming is created with a sports psychology foundation by soccer savvy staff for enlightenment, inspiration, and activation.

Find out how you as a player, parent, coach, team or club can join Soccer Resilience® FC.

“Own Touch Charlotte is excited to announce this partnership with Soccer Resilience®! Our mission is to provide the best in skills acquisition and development, both physically and mentally, for all of our families. We have been searching for the mental fitness piece since we opened here in 2018 and thanks to Soccer Resilience® we finally have it. Empowering players and parents to take control of their own development and their own process through this landscape is paramount to the success of the sport in the future!”

Chris Williams, Own Touch Charlotte

“Similar to Own Touch, Soccer Resilience® is about developing players – and others in the sport – from all clubs and all schools. Own Touch Charlotte is a specialist in improving technical skills at its three locations, while Soccer Resilience® specializes in strengthening mental skills. It’s the brain that channels the poise, confidence and flow for the creativity and the performance of the feet. Kudos to Chis Williams for being holistic in his commitment to elevate those in his communities.”Matt Spear, Soccer Resilience® Founder

Own Touch Charlotte operates 3 membership based facilities designed specifically to train, mentor and develop the individual performance of youth soccer players. We offer private soccer training, small group soccer training, and unlimited soccer training memberships to all players in the Charlotte region. Our mentors specialize in development and we train youth players, concentrating on knowledge, skills and competencies to optimize INDIVIDUAL PERFORMANCE.

Soccer Resilience®: Our mission and skill is to train the most underutilized competitive edge in soccer, the MIND, transforming the mindset, performance and wellbeing of athletes, coaches and parents. We help the “software” (mental) bring the best out of the “hardware” (technical, tactical, physical). Our founders include a World Cup Champion, a MLS Cup Champion, a 20-year Psychologist and a former NCAA Division I Coach/Pro Team President. We are mindset coaches, mental game advisors and content providers for tools and strategies for all levels, youth to pro, including organizations such as NWSL Players Association and SOCCER.COM. Check out Soccer Resilience® FC online academy – a gym for your mental fitness – and our other services. Train your brain. Transform your game… AND life!


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