St. Louis, The Gateway City, Leaps Into A New Era of Mental Health Advocacy in Youth & Pro Soccer

“We’re so thrilled to add St. Louis CITY SC as our first club from the MLS NEXT youth league and the MLS NEXT Pro League!” – Soccer Resilience® Founder, Dr. Brad Miller, Psy.D.

ST. LOUIS, MISSOURI – St. Louis is undeniably a sporting city. In recent years the city has been no stranger to Championship parades. As it begins its foray into the world of professional soccer, there is a focused effort to make sure that a winning foundation is set. Being an emerging team entering the league is going to take a mental toll. St. Louis City SC will not let that hamper their efforts at MLS glory and has partnered up with Soccer Resilience® FC to make sure that is not the case. Soccer Resilience® and St. Louis City SC will m sure that from the onset, the club has the mindset to take on the rest of the league and impact the St. Louis community positively.

“We’re thrilled to be working with Soccer Resilience®. Developing a strong and confident mindset is crucial to success in all aspects of life. The direct access, professionalism, and expertise of Soccer Resilience® will be extremely helpful to our entire club. We look forward to seeing the results of this partnership and seeing the impact it will have on our players, coaches, and parents.”
John Hackworth, St. Louis City SC Director of Coaching

Soccer Resilience® FC will be the vehicle through which this confident mindset will be distributed at St. Louis City SC. Soccer Resilience® FC is a comprehensive online tool that provides continuous mental fitness training, resources, and support for soccer players, coaches, and parents. Soccer Resilience® FC features a curriculum of expert videos, interviews that offer mental health training practically and engagingly. The life of professional players and coaches and those around them are very busy. That is why all of Soccer Resilience® FC’s content is downloadable so that St. Louis SC staff and players can engage with it at their convenience. In addition to that, all players, parents, and coaches will be provided monthly live Zoom interactive training sessions. These elements will give those connected to St. Louis City SC an edge on and off the field.

The goal here is to make sure that St. Louis City SC players are mentally ready to attain victory on the field and to contribute to the wider St. Louis community. The youth, being the future, are a big part of the community. In a world where youth depression is at an all-time high, it’s even more important to ensure that young people have the tools to take on the world with mental resilience and a positive attitude. St. Louis City SC and Soccer Resilience® have partnered together to make sure that mental health empowerment will touch every part of the organization, from the pros to the youth players, as well as all coaches and parents.

“We’re so thrilled to add St. Louis CITY SC as our first club from the MLS NEXT youth league and the MLS NEXT Pro League! Youth and young professional players today face increasing pressures and challenges both on and off the field. We applaud the Director of Coaching, John Hackworth, and the club for being thought leaders and investing in strengthening the mental fitness and well-being of their players, coaches, and parents. With our mental training sessions and Soccer Resilience® FC Online Academy, we will support St. Louis City SC’s vision of a holistic approach that promotes education and personal growth both on and off the pitch.”
Founder of Soccer Resilience®, Dr. Brad Miller, Psy.D.

Soccer Resilience® and St. Louis City SC know a positive attitude and mental resilience will be needed to succeed in the MLS and make an enriching difference in the community.

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