Notre Dame Standout & Mental Health Advocate Ginny McGowan Becomes Newest Ambassador

Ginny McGowan

Soccer Resilience® is just what I needed when I was a kid. Performance anxiety during my youth and collegiate career left me feeling like I had no control over my thoughts. But after working on my mindset, I now see how crucial it is to train it as if it were a muscle. I couldn’t be more excited to join the Soccer Resilience® team – one that is committed to getting people the tools they need to tackle mental obstacles. And I can’t wait to work with members through those mental obstacles and be the person the younger me needed!”

Ginny was a two-sport athlete from Lake Forest, Illinois, who played soccer and field hockey. But it was in soccer that she excelled and thrived, acquiring a reputation as one of the country’s most promising young female soccer players, as proven by her selection to the U.S. Soccer Girls National Team Under-15 player pool in 2010 and 2011. Ginny used her talents and drive to study and play at Notre Dame. Like a consummate competitor, Ginny evolved and became better with each passing year, culminating in her designation as team captain during her senior season.

It was at Notre Dame where Ginny linked up with Cari Roccaro, one of the original S|R Ambassadors and current NWSL player for Angel City FC. The two rockstars and best friends continue to team together in their refreshingly honest and vulnerable podcast Butterfly Road.

Butterfly Road Podcast

In their own words…

“Cari & Ginny here — we’re two unapologetic, sports-loving, reality TV-obsessed besties who can’t stop talking about our emotions. After years of rambling to each other about our life experiences with mental health and sports, we decided it was time to publicly talk about the stuff that still gets brushed under the rug way too often. Butterfly Road is where we will be offering lighthearted insight, relatable stories, and straight-up positive vibes for anyone that wants a brutally honest and refreshing take on mental health in the sports world and beyond.”

We’re thrilled to have Ginny join us – she makes us better and stronger in every way! And she’s already making an impact through our individual trainings with young women where she uses her experiences, wisdom and heart to help young women develop resilience and mental fitness skills. If you’re interested to speak with us about teaming up with Ginny please shoot us an EMAIL!


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