Staying Positive THROUGH the Ups & Downs

HAPPY MONDAY! You and I know the stigma behind Mondays. But let’s challenge that stigma. Let’s reframe how we view, prepare for, and attack our Mondays.

You with me? Let’s dominate this Monday!

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Now to the blog…

This week I wanted to talk about staying positive, about controlling your emotions through the inevitable ups and downs that life smacks us with. These can come from your home, at your job, in class, and absolutely in your relationships. Regardless of who you are, where you come from, or how much money you have, you’re constantly, as long as you’re breathing, experiencing ups and downs. And you know this, because you’ve been through plenty of them, just like me! And with those ups and downs come a lot of different feelings and emotions.

You know what feelings and emotions I am talking about, right?

In one moment, you’re on top of the world! You got a promotion, scored the winning goal for your team, or finally got the “A+” you’ve been studying so hard for. These times are the best, right? You feel all your hard work paying off. Then suddenly, without any warning, in the next moment, it’s like the world flips upside down and things aren’t so great. These feelings are the worst, aren’t they? Your self-esteem deflates, envy sets in, and suddenly you feel more confused than ever.

These are natural reactions for sure, but what if you didn’t have to feel this way? What if you took things how they came, stayed in the moment, and had faith no matter what? Do you believe you can? I’m here to tell you that it’s possible and to also show you how. The truth is you can dictate your feelings and emotions no matter what situation you may be in. And yes, ‘no matter what situation’ includes the good times as well.

“Brandt, are you saying I shouldn’t enjoy my accomplishments?”

No, I’m absolutely not saying this. I believe you should always celebrate achievements when you reach them. But you should do this while also keeping in mind that there’s still more work that needs to be done. In life, it’s essential to never get too high when you succeed or too low when you fail. When you get too high on your achievements, there are higher powers that can humble you very quickly. When you get too low on yourself, you lose sight of the learning and growth that comes with adversity. This is my favorite quote about balancing the ups and downs in life:

The only thing constant in life is change.” 

I love this quote for two reasons:

1. Nothing else other than change remains the same.

2. Knowing that things will change gives us the freedom to enjoy the present for what it is and be excited about the future for what it will be.

The bottom line is that we will all experience many ups and many downs in our lives. The secret is working to keep a level head throughout it all. You will ace tests, and you will fail tests. You will score goals, and you will miss goals. You will get promotions, and other people will get promotions over you. You will mess up and fall down, but you will also clean up and get back up. Understanding that ‘down’ times will come while also maintaining the perspective that they won’t last forever will serve you greatly in life, and allow you to keep hope, remain encouraged, and ready for whatever comes your way!

“Life is always happening for us, not to us.”

This is my mindset and one I hope that you adopt!

Stay positive, enjoy the moment, and press on through the good and the bad!

I believe in you, KEEP GRINDING!

Brandt Bronico
Charlotte FC #13

“Optimize your mind for your Grind!”

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