“We have the joy of working with incredibly resilient and strong athletes in Rwanda – many of whom have experienced some of life’s most harrowing conditions and are bravely working towards healing. We are thrilled to partner together with like minded groups like Soccer Resilience® who are an excellent resource for mental wellness so that athletes, coaches, and parents in our programs can thrive on and off the field.”

Brian Beckman, Executive Director/Founder

RWANDA – Rwanda’s a beautiful nation with beautiful people and many scenic national parks and museums that store its rich story. But among this beauty, there is darkness as well. Due to great poverty, far too many boys are forced to scavenge in order to survive on their own, often succumbing to drinking, drugs, and other negative influences. 

Brian Beckman founded the Kefa Project (formerly Play For Hope) in 2009 after a trip to Rwanda in 2008 with a deep desire to see sports used to bring love to the most vulnerable youth in Rwanda and beyond. Driven by faith and compassion, The Kefa Project uses ‘the beautiful game’ of soccer as a tool for hope. They give many homeless boys a home, transforming their lives for the better. The boys get to play the beautiful game with quality coaching and equipment. They’re also given proper nutrition and education to further expand their potential.

The mission is headed by Rwandans who understand the kids’ circumstances and know what they need. The Kefa Project understands that even though the boys have been rescued from their physical turmoil, another battle must be fought to make sure the boys can live a fulfilling life; a mental battle. Soccer Resilience® has partnered with the Kefa Project to make sure that the boys, coaches and staff have access to mental health resources and training. The Kefa Project coaches will have access to Soccer Resilience® FC, a curriculum that includes expert videos and interviews, developed and curated by Soccer Resilience®’s team of mental fitness experts.

“Having visited Africa many times during my professional career, the continent and the people there truly have a special place in my heart! As well as being a personal blessing and joy for me to serve with The Kefa Project, Soccer Resilience® as a whole is honored and excited to team together and help them further their mission to serve, empower, and advocate for at-risk youth in Rwanda! The Kefa Project is living proof that the game of soccer transforms lives beyond the pitch.”

Founder of Soccer Resilience®, Wells Thompson
(pic: Wells visiting Kenya in 2007 after his Rookie MLS Season)

Soccer is a source of inspiration for people in the United States and around the world! The Kefa Project exemplifies this, having already changed the lives of so many people. And it is our hope and intention that many more lives will be transformed as a result of our collaboration! As The Kefa Project declares, “IT TAKES ALL OF US TO STOP CHILD HOMELESSNESS!”

Please check out the incredible work the people of The Kefa Project have been pouring their lives and hearts out for since 2009!



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