Soccer Resilience® & Global Sports Corp. Unite Through Their Passion for Soccer and Holistic Wellness

“Through a common cause, we are united across continents and cultures to use the power of the beautiful game to change lives and the world for the better!”

– Wells Thompson on this partnership

GUATEMALA CITY, GUATEMALA – Global Sports Corporation (GSC) is a sports entertainment company committed to achieving success on the pitch by providing a full spectrum of events, brand management, athlete agency and advisory services to some of the top brands in the region, while maintaining a strong focus on developing youth by working with the world’s top organizations, brands, and athletes. They are a also beacon of hope for the youth of Guatemala, working to place young aspiring girls and boys into high schools and colleges across the globe through their ‘Talent Development’ program. This initiative is close to the founders’ hearts because their own lives were drastically changed for the better as a result of attending college in the United States. And as a result, they want to give this gift to others.

In addition to this gift, they want to enhance it by incorporating the prioritization of mental wellness into the GSC framework, partnering with Soccer Resilience® to ensure that mental wellness is incorporated into all of its activities moving forward.

Christopher Prentice

“We are committed to developing best in class programs by having resources that will impact and help our athletes in their performance on and off the field. A key pillar we were not working on was mental health training, we are very excited to partner with experts at soccer resilience that will work and play a key role impacting our players and family’s lives.”

Christopher Prentice, Founder + Director of Global Sports Corporation

Soccer Resilience® will further the mission that Global Sports Corp. has set out on by providing world-class mental wellness resources. Global Sports Corp. soccer players, coaches and parents will have access to Soccer Resilience® FC, a comprehensive online tool that provides continuous mental fitness training, resources and support. They will also receive mental fitness training sessions from the experienced and well-rounded Soccer Resilience® team. The members of Global Sports Corp. will learn techniques to handle pressure, manage emotions, move past mistakes, and develop a frame of mind that will enable them to succeed both on and off the field!

“Soccer’s much more than a sport. It’s a vehicle for enrichment, well-being, community, wellness, you name it. I know firsthand that soccer brings people together. It breaks down walls. It creates lasting bonds. In the words of the great Nelson Mandela, “Sport is the greatest opportunity to change the world!” How can you not love what Global Sports Corp is doing? It’s easy for us to team up with them because ultimately, both of us are using the game to change lives, communities, and the world for good!” We applaud Global Sports Corp. for their proactive approach and thought leadership in this space we are thrilled to expand internationally into Guatemala!”

  • Former MLS Cup Champion, Humanitarian of the Year, and Soccer Resilience® Founder, WELLS THOMPSON


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