Sporting Columbus Leads the Way in Ohio

We’re so thankful to add Sporting Columbus as our first club from the great state of Ohio!

We applaud Jeffrey Warren, President of Sporting Columbus, for taking the initiative to be a thought leader in the Columbus and Ohio area to holistically provide mental fitness training to ALL of his players, coaches and parents! Now, more than ever, players, coaches and parents need mental fitness training to help strengthen their resilience and mental health, on AND off the field.


“We’re thrilled to be working with Soccer Resilience® this coming club year. We at Sporting Columbus feel it’s not only important to develop the players’ technical and tactical aspects, but also the mental aspect. We’re excited to use Soccer Resilience®’s newsletters, seminars, webinars, articles and even have them lead our players, parents and coaches through their tailored, inspiring mental fitness training sessions! We’re excited about enhancing the mentality as well as mental toughness of our entire club this coming season!”

Jeffrey Warren, President of Sporting Columbus

“We love aligning with like minded clubs like Sporting Columbus whose vision is to help their youth become better players and better people. That’s our first core value at soccer resilience – more than an athlete! We can’t wait to help support and strengthen Sporting’s values of sportsmanship, passion, ownership, respect, teamwork, integrity, nurture and give back. Kudos to Jeffrey Warren for emphasizing mental fitness on and off the field for his players, coaches, and parents!”

Soccer Resilience® Founder, Dr. Brad Miller, Psy.D.

Sporting Columbus will utilize Soccer Resilience® FC, the most comprehensive online resource for soccer players, coaches, and parents to help improve performance and build positive mental training habits, as well as live training sessions to transform the mindset and elevate the well-being of the entire organization.


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