CACE Answers & Soccer Resilience® Team Up to Better Serve Student-Athletes

There are currently over 10,000 college athletes in the transfer portal. According to the NCAA’s own statistics, over 45% of all student-athletes say college athletics isn’t what they expected. By partnering with CACE Answers, Soccer Resilience® will be able to help student-athletes develop their mindset and successfully navigate their collegiate career.

CACE, which is short for College Athlete Compliance Enquiries, is a nonprofit organization, formed by sibling duo, Maggie & Conor Bell. Maggie is a former DI soccer player and Conor is a licensed attorney with experience working in NCAA compliance . The goal of their organization is simple – help student-athletes have better collegiate athletic experiences.

To achieve this goal, they provide professional, unbiased and confidential compliance advice to both current and prospective student-athletes, all free of charge. 

Co-founder Maggie Bell had a tumultuous college experience and through it, became aware of just how few resources are available for collegiate student-athletes. By happenstance, Conor was working in NCAA compliance and was able to counsel Maggie through her experience. Looking to fill the void that was missing in her experience, the duo formed CACE Answers. Since their inception in 2020, they have helped over 100 student-athletes with a range of enquiries including coaching relationship issues, Covid-19’s effect on eligibility, redshirt petitions and their most common subject, transfer advice. 

Considering transferring schools as a college athlete is an extremely difficult and often emotional process. Student-athletes in this situation deserve to have both strong mental fitness and a full understanding of their options before making a life changing decision. Together, CACE & Soccer Resilience® can provide this expertise to soccer players across the country. 

Through this partnership, Soccer Resilience® & CACE will not only expand their collective impact on the athletics community , they will also collaborate on future projects and events that lie at the intersection of mental health & college athletic knowledge. 

We are excited for the future of this partnership and the positive impact it will have on current and future generations of student-athletes.


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