Mental Fitness Pioneer Cara Bradley Becomes Newest Ambassador

It’s been too long coming! Although we’re just officially announcing Cara Bradley as our newest Soccer Resilience® Ambassador, Cara’s graciously given her time, expertise, and encouragement to us and our community for the past 9 months! She was an integral part in making our first ever Mindset Summit so successful last year, and we’re excited to extend our partnership and make it official!

Cara Bradley Headshot

Cara’s a former professional skater and leading authority of mental fitness training. She works with professional athletes and premiere sports teams including the LA Galaxy, Villanova Men’s basketball, football and soccer, Penn State Men’s basketball, University of Pennsylvania women’s soccer and the Olympic Development Program. She’s the producer of the Mental Fitness Bootcamp, author of On The Verge: Wake Up, Show Up, and Shine (Wells highly recommends YOU read it 🙂 and founder of Verge Yoga & Meditation Center. She hosts a daily mental fitness podcast called Daily Whispers. In 2020, Cara was named one of the “Top 12 Most Powerful Women in the Mindfulness Movement” by Mindful Magazine.

“‘Strong, calm, and clear’ is my definition of mental fitness. It’s definitely what I lacked as a young competitive skater and college runner. Now, in partnership with Soccer Resilience®, I’m excited to offer my body-based practices with a cutting-edge Mental Fitness Nutrition System to help players, coaches and parents build that much needed mental strength, clarity and calm!”

Cara Bradley on her role as Soccer Resilience® Ambassador

“Since we started, in July 2020, we’ve gained tremendous traction in the United States, and around the world. And we’ve relied on Cara for guidance, encouragement, and support many times! We’re thrilled to make this official! Cara’s a thought leader, a holistic fitness rockstar, and she has a tremendous heart to help others – she makes S|R better in every way! With her expert instruction, teaching, and leading sessions, she will remain a trusted and dedicated resource for our growing clientele and growing company. And as we continue to grow and evolve to better serve the soccer community, her counsel will be invaluable! Welcome Cara!”

Wells Thompson, former Pro & Soccer Resilience® Founder

Cara’s a leading authority of body-brain strategies to get you out of your head and into your optimal state. For most, it’s a given that we need to cross-train our bodies in order to become physically fit. The same applies to getting mentally fit. In order to feel calm, clear and confident on and off the field, we need to do more than just train the mind.

We need to cross-train, and that includes addressing how we move, sleep, eat, and breathe, plus, the new kid on the block… optimizing the gut-brain axis.

Try the world’s first award-winning Mental Fitness Nutrition System to wake up your body and brain and take your motivation, focus, mental energy and performance to the next level.



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