Lake Travis Youth Soccer Assoc. Teams up with Soccer Resilience®

Our team is pumped to announce our partnership with the Lake Travis Youth Soccer Association (LTYA)! With our values aligned, we support their mission to create a balance between competitiveness, enjoyment, and success…creating a lifelong love of sports.

As the Executive Director of LTYA, Scott Cronk has distinguished himself and LTYA by investing in mental fitness training for his entire club! It speaks volumes about the character and heart of the LYTA. We can’t wait to provide mental fitness support and strategies to ALL of the LTYA players, coaches and parents!

“From our first meeting with LTYA, we were inspired by their passion to help grow and develop the person as well as the player. We knew we were a great fit as this matched our first core value at Soccer Resilience® – more than an athlete. The increased pressures and challenges on and off the field require players, coaches, and parents to train their mental fitness. That’s exactly what we will do in our partnership together! Let’s Go!!”

Soccer Resilience® Founder, Dr. Brad Miller, Psy.D.

Soccer Resilience® FC (SRFC) will be the vehicle through which transforming the mindset and elevating the well-being of players, coaches and parents will be distributed at LTYA. Soccer Resilience® FC is a comprehensive online tool that provides continuous mental fitness training, resources, and support for soccer players, coaches, and parents. Soccer Resilience® FC features a curriculum of expert videos, interviews that offer mental fitness training practically and engagingly. Players, coaches and parents can have demanding schedules. That is why all of Soccer Resilience® FC’s content is downloadable so they can engage with it at their convenience. In addition to SRFC, the club will have 18 live Zoom interactive training sessions. This will help further strengthen the mental fitness of those at LTYA on and off the field.


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