Never Lose Sight of These Two Things

The concept of “controlling what you can control” is the epitome of “easier said than done.”

I believe this is one of the most challenging tasks to perform on a continuous basis. I like to be in control of things. I’d guess that you also enjoy it. Having control over a situation or circumstance gives me a better chance of determining the outcome, so the more control I have, the better. However, we all know this is not how life really is. It’s impossible for us to control everything in our lives. After all, we are only humans. So, then what?

The question is, how do you deal with situations and circumstances that are beyond your control?

Is it better to let emotions get the best of us and act off of them, or is it better to step back and look at the opportunities that come from the lack of control? I have found that the latter response works much better. In this article, I want to share some approaches and techniques I have used when confronted with situations I cannot control. While I can control what I can, I am not perfect at it, even now. Even though I am still prone to letting external forces control how I feel inside, I am more aware of this now, which helps me recognize opportunities that arise from these situations more quickly. Here are some ways to tackle what we have no control over:

“The two things in life you have total control over are your attitude and effort.”


It is your attitude and your effort that matter most when dealing with things beyond your control. You are always in control of your attitude and your effort. No matter what, these two factors will determine everything in your approach. Your attitude is the key to your success. If you are angry, pissed off, or sad, you will not have the time or awareness to realize all of the benefits you could gain from the situation. We had an important game over the weekend that was eventually postponed due to lightning and storms in the area. We arrived at the locker room around 5pm and had to wait until midnight to leave. That doesn’t sound fun, does it? However, there were a lot of lessons to learn from that because it was out of our control. We couldn’t control the weather, so why would we get mad or angry when the game was being postponed? Instead, I would rather take the attitude that it will give us more time to prepare for the game and spend more time with my teammates.

Brandt Bronico celebrating

We eventually went out there and after 15 minutes they postponed the game again.

Annoying, right? Maybe, but I prefer to approach overcoming adversity by building resilience. I would have waited all night just to play the game! My positive attitude and positive energy helped me to take a positive attitude towards a situation that I was not able to control.


 The next step is your effort. It’s usually a consequence of your attitude. If your attitude isn’t right, chances are your efforts will suffer too. But we are 100% in control of this and I love that about it. We always have the chance to give our best and we can always work hard. I’ve always wondered why some people choose not to do this. There are so many great opportunities in our lives, and we don’t always give them our all. Come on, now! I’m referring to the “not-so-fun” situations like when your flight gets delayed, or when you work out in the off-season, or when you have two exams in a week. While these might sound bad, they are actually great ways to cultivate the intangible qualities within us already. Delayed flights – A great way to develop patient endurance. Off-season workouts – Great for developing self-discipline. Exams in two weeks – Perfect opportunity to improve time management and application skills. When we view these situations through a new perspective, they are always full of opportunities.


To conclude, I would like to encourage you to just have faith. What do I mean by that? I mean believing sincerely that whatever happens to you is going to benefit you and your life no matter how you feel at the time. “Life is happening for us, not to us” I always like to say. A thing that doesn’t appear to be a good thing right now might be exactly what you need a few years from now.  With this concept in mind, we can really have faith in situations and circumstances that are uncertain.

Always maintain a positive attitude.

Put your best effort into everything you do.

Never lose faith.

I believe in you —> Keep Grinding!!

Brandt Bronico
Charlotte FC #13


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