Jenn Ireland Joins S|R Team

It is with great pleasure that we announce that Soccer Resilience® has welcomed a new member to our team!

Jenn Ireland, Mental Skills Coach and Founder of Expand Your Game, is joining us as our Communications & Project Strategist.

Jenn will be working with the Soccer Resilience® leadership team to develop new mental fitness programs, courses, and tools for players, coaches and parents. With a multifaceted background in journalism, public relations and small business ownership, Jenn will be working on the communications side of things to help us broaden our reach and strengthen our message of mental health and wellbeing for all, on and off the soccer field.

“Jenn Ireland is an absolute rockstar on so many levels! The thing that really stands out to me about Jenn is her passion and her heart for helping others. She will bring such a fresh perspective both personally and professionally to our team! As a spirited, purpose-driven, and positive leader, she’s a wonderful addition to our team. She will definitely help us increase our impact and expand our reach!”

Wells Thompson, CEO and one of the Founders of Soccer Resilience®

Jenn is a USSF National C licensed youth soccer coach, Northern Arizona University graduate and 2022 United Soccer Coaches Joe Cummings Convention Scholarship recipient. Jenn’s life mission is to empower soccer players to own their growth and maximize their potential by expanding their mental performance skills, reframing limiting beliefs and uncovering authentic passion and drive. She started Expand Your Game in 2020 because she wanted to help her youth female soccer players better understand that maximizing potential and achieving optimal performance on the field comes through mental skills development as much, if not more, than from anywhere else.

Jenn Ireland, Expand Your Game Founder

“As a coach, I’m constantly striving to create an environment for my soccer players that promotes a healthy striving mentality and personal accountability. An environment where players learn to embrace setbacks and mistakes as tools for growth. An environment where they can let go of trying to be perfect and trying to fit in and instead embrace the imperfect nature of the game to unleash their creativity and courageousness. Most of all, I want to empower, impact, lead and guide young players toward experiencing their own greatness on and off the soccer field. And that’s why I have joined Soccer Resilience®. Soccer Resilience® has done a fantastic job of bringing extremely valuable resources to the soccer world. Soccer Resilience® and I, we have the same mission – to provide players and teams the tools they need to harness their power, own their growth and LEVEL UP. I am extremely excited for the opportunity to work alongside them with our collective goal being to help as many players, parents and coaches as possible.”
Jenn Ireland, Mental Skills Coach and Founder of Expand Your Game

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