Why Wake Forest & San Diego State Men’s Programs Invest in Soccer Resilience®

AUGUST 26th, 2022. This week, TopDrawerSoccer officially released the Men’s Division 1 Recruiting Class Rankings for 2022. Soccer Resilience® is ecstatic to announce that BOTH the number 1 and the number 2 recruiting classes are active Soccer Resilience® partners.

Congratulations to #1 San Diego State and #2 Wake Forest on this accomplishment and national recognition!

Top Drawer Soccer

These top-tier Men’s NCAA Division 1 college soccer programs understand the importance of mental fitness training for their players and coaches. It’s inspiring and motivating to see them value it. Both San Diego State and Wake Forest are prioritizing mental skills training in their 2022 season as a key piece to peak performance on the field as well as improving mental health and general overall well-being for everyone.

San Diego State University, Ryan Hopkins

“The mental side of the game has been underutilized for generations and I think it’s one of the strongest advantages we can use. First and foremost, I always tell the guys we’re all about getting 1% better, and if we can get 1% better in that area that gives us a huge advantage over our opponents. Second, our mission here is to prepare players for life after college. For instance, their ability to reset from mistakes – they’re going to make mistakes their whole life, I make mistakes my whole life. So the ability to bounce back quickly from those mistakes I think not only helps them on the field, but it’s going to help prepare them for life after college too.”
– Ryan Hopkins, Head Coach of SDSU Men’s Soccer

San Diego State and Wake Forest men’s soccer teams are both currently enrolled in Soccer Resilience®’s interactive mental training program, consisting of a combination of in-person and Zoom training sessions. Each member of the team also gets a yearly membership to Soccer Resilience® FC, giving them access to the entire database of tools, activities and resources. Both teams have been working with Soccer Resilience® to prepare for the season and set a mental fitness foundation that they can build on throughout the year.

Recently, Soccer Resilience®’s Dr. Brad Miller was in San Diego working directly with the SDSU players and coaches. Head coach Ryan Hopkins had this to say about the experience…

“Soccer Resilience® has been great. With our athletic department, we don’t have a sports psychology side of things. So being able to outsource this to someone specifically in the soccer space, someone that understands soccer players, understands the game, has been really really big.”
– Ryan Hopkins, Head Coach of SDSU Men’s Soccer

Soccer Resilience®’s Wells Thompson and John Blake were recently back in Winston-Salem, NC to visit Wells’s Alma Mater for a training session.

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Bobby MuussBobby Muuss, Wake Forest’s Head Coach, is just as enthusiastic about his team’s experience with Soccer Resilience®:
“A coach can influence more people in a season than most do in a lifetime. As a coach, it’s my responsibility to provide these young athletes with everything they need to succeed both on and off the field. Coaching for me is more than just influencing someone’s game, but more importantly, it’s about influencing their mentality in all aspects of life. One day these young men will be husbands, fathers, and leaders of their family’s and in their communities. I’m always looking for new ways to impact and grow, personally for myself and the guys. I’ve admired greatly the work and impact that Soccer Resilience® has had and continues to have in their short time of existence. As a program we’re excited to partner with Soccer Resilience® because of the character and expertise that they bring.”
– Bobby Muuss, Head Coach of Wake Forest Men’s Soccer

Well said, and more importantly, well done Bobby, Ryan, Wake Forest University and San Diego State University!

To find out more about the work that San Diego State and Wake Forest are doing with their players, and to inquire about potential opportunities for your school or club, visit us here.


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