What’s Required is the Minimum

What’s up everyone!

It’s been a while, but I’m back!

I hope everyone’s been GRIND-SETTING away on whatever it is you’re working on. During this episode of #BloggingBronicosBrain, I’m going to discuss an area that people often get confused about.

Let’s get right into it!

These are excellent character traits that we all need to develop and cultivate. Yet we treat them as just ‘options.’ Shouldn’t they be required? It’s amazing how a positive attitude and effort can transform your life! And we absolutely are in control of our attitude and effort!

“Okay Brandt, what’s your point?”

Essentially, what we have control over is the bare minimum of what we should demand from ourselves.

Have you ever heard someone talk about their job or work and say…

1. “I show up on time every single day, do the work that’s given to me, and leave at the time everyone leaves. I deserve a raise.”

2. “I go to practice every time we have a session. Some people don’t even show up all the time. I deserve more playing time.”

3. “I’ve done all my schoolwork this semester. Even though I didn’t do all of it to the best of my ability, I should get extra credit since others didn’t even submit all of their assignments.”

Is it just me or do these statements sound out of line to you? I mean come on y’all! Are we serious about this?


  • You’re supposed to be on time for work.

  • You’re supposed to do the work assigned to you.

  • You’re supposed to show up to practice every time and give your best regardless of what others do.

  • You’re supposed to do all of your schoolwork, and you’re supposed to do the best you can on every assignment.


I can’t just be the only one thinking this. When I hear this, I feel like people want a “pat on the back” for tasks and efforts that are solely required of them. Only when you go above and beyond what’s required of you can you find breakthroughs and results.

What does this look like?

1. Get to the office early and stay later. Ask what projects or tasks co-workers need help with. Be proactive and show you’re more committed than anyone else.

2. Practice even more at home. Seek other opportunities to play; local pickup, 1v1 sessions with a personal trainer, or by yourself. You can always do more.

3. Study more for your quizzes and exams. Make sure you understand each topic presented. Reach out to your professor or a classmate and ask them for help.

I love this quote from NFL Hall of Famer JJ Watt:

Bottom line: be proactive and deliberate about not only your work, but your entire life. Don’t do the bare minimum and expect a pat on the back. Go above and beyond. Show up earlier, stay later, and give more. There are no quick fixes, but stay committed and trust that the results will come. Because they will!

I believe in you.


Brandt Bonico
Charlotte FC #13


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