Honolulu Bulls Soccer Club Partners With Soccer Resilience to Lift Players, Coaches & Parents

Honolulu, Hawaii (12/22/22) – At soccer resilience, we pride ourselves on the value we continue to bring to the community surrounding the world’s game. This, however, would not be possible without the partnerships of the incredible organizations we have the pleasure of working with. The Honolulu Bulls Soccer Club are no exception to this, and we couldn’t be more excited to announce our partnership with such a forward-thinking club. Their philosophy, with a ‘success is winning in life’ mission, aligns perfectly with Soccer Resilience and our mission to use the beautiful game to empower every member of the soccer community to flourish and live their best life – on AND off the soccer field!

Honolulu Bulls Technical Director“Mental training is a crucial part of the athletic journey as a player and as a person. Our athletes benefit from on-field technical, tactical and physical training, but mental training is equally important for providing a holistic training experience. The Soccer Resilience team has assembled a team of experts, and we’re thrilled to work with them to help our athletes, coaches, and parents prepare for the rigors of the game and everyday life.”

  • Mael Lefebvre, Honolulu Bulls Soccer Club Technical Director and former Ligue 1 Professional

The initial stage of our 2022-2023 collaboration includes mental fitness mental fitness training sessions for several boys teams’ players, coaches, and parents to develop the Soccer Resilience pillars – Take Control, Develop Purpose, Build Perseverance, Enhance Performance.

The teams will also harness Soccer Resilience FC (SRFC) – an online tool for soccer players, coaches, and parents to help improve performance and build positive mental training habits through expert videos, interviews, and downloadable resources which are accessible 24/7.

Dr. Brad Miller“We applaud Mael and the entire Honolulu Bulls Soccer Club for being thought leaders and investing in strengthening the mental fitness and wellbeing of their players, coaches, and parents. With our mental training sessions and Soccer Resilience FC Online Academy, we will support their vision of a holistic approach that promotes education and personal growth both on and off the pitch.”

  • Dr. Brad Miller, Psy.D., Soccer Resilience Founder

It’s one thing for a club to say they prioritize the mental health of their athletes, but it takes true commitment to invest in the initiatives that are core to the club’s values. The Honolulu Bulls have taken steps to be at the forefront of player development, preparing them to succeed on and off the field. This is an organization that we are proud to be partnering with, as they continue to blaze the trail for soccer in Hawaii. We know that so much will come from the club’s willingness to execute and expand the vision behind the sport of soccer.

Hookipa ana Honolulu Bulls Soccer Club!


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