‘Building Mental Fitness: My Journey with Soccer Resilience®’ by NC Courage Midfielder Brianna Pinto

As a professional soccer player, I’ve learned firsthand the importance of mental resilience and how it can greatly impact not only my performance on the field, but also my overall well-being.

But, it’s certainly not something that happens overnight. I’ve also learned that building mental fitness requires commitment and time. Just like training a muscle, the more you invest in it, the stronger it becomes. And eventually, it becomes second nature, so when faced with challenges or tough times, you can apply it immediately.

Coaches, this is where you come in. Emphasizing the importance of mental fitness and showing your players that it’s a crucial part of their success will make a huge impact. On their games. And their lives! When you make it an integral part of your coaching, more and more people will embrace it. And who doesn’t want that?

For me, Soccer Resilience® came at one of the hardest times in my life. It was my first year as a professional, and I realized that being fulfilled in other areas of life is just as important as what happens on the soccer field. If you don’t love what you’re doing and if you’re not happy and grateful for life itself, it’s difficult to bring out the best version of yourself on the pitch.

I’ve also witnessed firsthand how investing in the mental piece of the game can positively impact those around me. Being committed to working hard, communicating effectively with the people around you, and empowering others to believe in themselves—that’s what it’s all about. And to do all that, I have to invest in my mental well-being. The more I focus on that, the more it positively affects the people around me.

Remember, results won’t come overnight. But, if we commit to the process, if we invest in building that mental strength, we’ll see amazing results in the long run. Whether you’re a coach, a player, parent, or simply someone who loves the beautiful game, embrace the power of mental fitness and soccer resilience. That’s how we become the best version of ourselves!

Brianna Pinto

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